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Assault And Battery Charges

What Constitutes Assault in Florida?

The definition of Assault is the intentional threat of violence to another person combined with the apparent ability to carry out that threat imminently.

Assault is often equated with attempted Battery – a “swing and miss.”

However, the law on Assault is actually much broader and includes scenarios where an accused never actually meant to hit another person; the mere threat of violence plus the alleged victim’s fear can be enough to justify an Assault charge in Florida.

Penalties Associated with an Assault Charge

The maximum penalty for simple Assault is sixty (60) days jail and a $500 fine. The felony charge of Aggravated Assault carries much higher penalties.

If you have been accused of Assault, contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney with our team can help you better understand the nature of your charges and your options moving forward.


What is Battery in Florida?

The law defines Battery as intentionally touching or striking another person without permission or causing another person bodily harm. Domestic Battery has the same definition with the added element of a family or domestic relationship.

Possible Consequences of a Battery Conviction

Criminal liability for Battery ranges from community service hours to several years in prison. The penalty sought depends on several factors out of the accused’s control – the State Attorney’s filing decision (misdemeanor or felony); the prosecutor’s opinion on appropriate punishment; the accused’s criminal record; and the amount of evidence in the case-to name a few.

The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Make a Huge Difference in the Outcome of Your Case

The penalties imposed for a specific case-if any-are subject to negotiation between the prosecutor and the defense attorney. Because of the latter, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is critical in a Battery case.

Casanova Law Has the Expertise You Need

At Casanova Law, our leading Attorney Lourdes Casanova has experience on both sides of the law. She was a former prosecutor who understands the system and how to prove a case. Today, she uses that knowledge to fight for the rights of her clients.

She understands the gravity of Assault and Battery charges and will aggressively fight to protect your rights and achieve the best possible result on your case.

Don’t Let Assault or Battery Charges Damage Your Future

Let us fight for you and advise you on the best course of action to protect your future. We offer criminal defense attorney services for our clients all over South Florida, including Wellington, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Greenacres, Palm Beach Gardens, Stuart & more!

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