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Attached Tag Not Assigned

Tag Not Assigned

Attached Tag Not Assigned Florida Law and Penalties

In Florida – and probably all other states in the U.S. – each license plate is registered to a particular motor vehicle, and each validation sticker is assigned to a particular license plate. Attaching a plate that is registered to one vehicle to another vehicle, or placing a sticker that is assigned to one plate to another plate, is a criminal offense in Florida. This is called Attaching Registration License Plate Not Assigned (or “Attached Tag Not Assigned” for short). Per Florida Statute §320.261, a violation of this section is a second degree misdemeanor punishable by sixty (60) days in jail and a $500 fine.

Tag Not Assigned Charging Process

You may have been pulled over for a traffic violation and the police officer who runs your tag during the stop discovers it does not belong to the car you are driving. Alternatively, the officer may have run your tag while you were driving and pulled you over specifically for the unassigned tag violation. In either case, you will likely receive the criminal citation of Attaching Registration License Plate Not Assigned. Hopefully, the encounter ends there; however, law enforcement has the discretion to effectuate a physical arrest for Attached Tag Not Assigned.  

Whether you are arrested or simply cited for Attaching Registration License Plate Not Assigned, you must attend court. Because Attached Tag Not Assigned is a criminal offense, you do not have the ability to simply pay the ticket and move on with your life. The clerk’s office will send you a Notice of Hearing to appear for arraignment (your first hearing, where the judge formally reads your charges). If the case does not resolve at arraignment – which, in most cases, it shouldn’t – you must attend a series of other hearings such as case dispositions, plea conferences, and status checks. The purpose of all of these hearings is to allow the accused time to hire a lawyer, review the evidence, negotiate a plea offer, and decide whether to resolve the case or whether to go to trial. Ultimately, the case will conclude with a disposition (result) that can range from complete dismissal to sixty days in jail; between these two extremes exist a variety of scenarios, such as a deferred prosecution agreement, a plea and pass, probation, an adjudication, or an adjudication withheld. It is important to seek the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney to understand the implications of each scenario.

What Casanova Law Can Do for You

Lourdes Casanova, Founding Attorney of Casanova Law

Our criminal defense law firm is experienced in criminal traffic cases such as Attaching Registration License Plate Not Assigned. Founding Attorney Lourdes Casanova is a former prosecutor for Palm Beach County who has litigated thousands of criminal cases. We are prepared to fight for you with the goal of getting your case dismissed.

By hiring Casanova Law, you will benefit from:

    • Personalized representation
    • Experienced advice
    • A thorough review of the evidence
    • Regular case status updates
    • A waiver of your presence in court
    • …and more

We are waiting to assist you. If you have been charged with Attached Tag Not Assigned, call us today to begin your fierce defense.

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