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Red Light and Stop Sign Ticket Attorney in Lake Worth

Police officers in Florida are serious about traffic enforcement – especially in Palm Beach County. One of the most common reasons for a traffic stop in the Palm Beaches is ignoring a red light or stop sign. It is also one of the most dangerous traffic violations, as it can foreseeably lead to a crash. Due to its frequency and potentially devastating effects, running a red light or stop sign in South Florida can get you into serious trouble.

Why should you hire a traffic ticket attorney in Lake Worth?

If you are accused of running a red light or stop sign in Palm Beach County, seek the advice of a local, experienced traffic ticket lawyer as soon as possible. A traffic attorney will file a Notice of Appearance, demand discovery (evidence), waive your presence in court, review the citation, prepare a defense, attend court on your behalf, make legal arguments, and negotiate with law enforcement. All of these actions by a skilled traffic lawyer could increase your chances of a successful outcome.

A traffic ticket attorney has the legal and practical skills to give you the advantage on your red light or stop sign case. For example, the attorney knows when a citation is legally deficient; upon finding an error in the citation, the lawyer can move to dismiss your charge. A local traffic lawyer also knows the personalities in the courtroom – the traffic hearing officers, the clerks, and, most importantly, the law enforcement officers; this practical knowledge is invaluable to your defense, as it will improve arguments and negotiations in court. Additionally, traffic attorneys can offer the court a multitude of options that serve as alternatives to the assessment of points.

It is important to note that payment of a red light or stop sign ticket without challenging your case is an automatic plea of guilty and almost always results in a conviction and points on your driving record. Even if you want to resolve your case down the road, it makes sense to plead “not guilty” at the outset, hire a lawyer, and allow for negotiations and legal arguments to take place. Your attorney may achieve a dismissal, or the next-best scenario of an adjudication withheld (no points).

How can an attorney help with red light or stop sign tickets?

A skilled traffic ticket attorney has a combination of technical knowledge and personal finesse. On the technical side, a traffic attorney should spot any issues with an officer’s ticket and raise the matter at the appropriate (pre-trial) court hearing. Ticket issues could include incorrect vehicle information, insufficient identifying information about the accused, improper statute listed, or an unsigned and uncertified citation. There are many potential issues that a great traffic lawyer can detect and use to your advantage, and any one of them could achieve a dismissal.

Finesse is also a plus when it comes to your traffic ticket defense. This means an attorney has the reputation, personality, and relationships to enhance your representation. We do not suggest that a lawyer can cut corners or get special treatment by knowing someone; however, a well-known and well-respected attorney will be taken seriously in court. It is critical to have someone trustworthy who can vouch for you and your case.

A great traffic lawyer will use every skill to protect your rights and your interests. The principal goal of any traffic client and attorney is avoiding points. This is because points can result in increased insurance rates and the eventual suspension of your license. It may be that your record is less than stellar and that you are at a heightened risk for points; in this situation, traffic lawyer may propose court-ordered traffic school in lieu of points. Alternatively, you may be concerned with the specific charge and the associated fines; a traffic attorney may request a law enforcement officer to amend their charge from running a red light to Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device in order to achieve a lower fine and better-looking record.

What you should do if you get charged with running a red light or stop sign in Florida

If you have been charged with running a red light or stop sign in Florida, you should seriously consider hiring an experienced traffic ticket lawyer. You may think that it is quicker and less expensive to just pay your ticket; but not fighting your red light or stop sign ticket could prove costlier in the long run; it could affect your driving record, your license, and – for those who drive for a living – your job.

Upon receiving the ticket from a law enforcement officer, remain calm, don’t argue, and don’t make any admissions. Anything you say can be used against you in court. Have your lawyer do the talking; provide your citation to your attorney and let them do what they do best – fight for you in traffic court.

You should secure your attorney with plenty of time ahead of your 30-day deadline. You have 30 days to either pay your ticket or elect court. Failure to respond in time will result in the suspension of your driver’s license and additional fines. Avoid last-minute decisions to allow your lawyer time to file a Notice of Appearance and request a court date.

What you need to know about failure to obey traffic sign tickets in Palm Beach

Running a red light or stop sign can be charged under more than one statute. The police officer has the discretion to charge you with a lesser or greater offense. A lesser offense to running a red light is Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device (in other words, ignoring a traffic sign). Even though Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device technically looks better and carries a lower fine than its counterpart, it should not be taken lightly. It is still a moving violation with the potential for points. Examples of traffic control devices other than traffic lights and stop signs include yield, one-way, no U-turn, and pedestrian crossing.

You should treat a charge of Failure to Obey Traffic Control Device the same as a Red Light or Stop Sign ticket. Elect court and hire a traffic ticket attorney.

Choosing an experienced Florida red light and stop sign lawyer

A lawyer experienced in red light and stop sign violations is most likely a traffic ticket lawyer. Sometimes, criminal defense attorneys also specialize in traffic tickets due to the similarities in procedure between criminal and traffic courts. You should hire a lawyer proficient in traffic defense.

Other than skill, an important consideration in hiring a traffic lawyer is her reputation among clients, judges, and other lawyers. A local attorney who is seen as trustworthy, respectful, tough, and knowledgeable will carry more weight than an unknown or unreliable lawyer.

Florida failure to obey traffic sign ticket attorney FAQs:

How much does a red light or stop sign lawyer cost in Florida?

Pricing for your red light or stop sign case will depend in large part on a particular lawyer’s expertise and the circumstances surrounding your case. Many people understandably wonder why they would hire an attorney if the price of the lawyer is higher than the ticket. The answer is that there is more at stake than just money: If you value your driving record, your license, your reputation, and your livelihood, then hiring a traffic lawyer is a good investment into your future.

How do I choose a failure to obey traffic signs lawyer?

You should choose a lawyer for your traffic case that specifically practices traffic ticket defense. You should also consider reputation, reviews, recommendations, and your overall feeling about the lawyer. If an attorney or law firm appears to be well-established, friendly, knowledgeable, and invested, you are on the right track. Moreover, try to hire a local attorney to increase your chances that the lawyer you paid will actually be your lawyer in court.


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