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Speeding Ticket Attorney in Lake Worth

Accused of Going Fast? You’ll be Furious.

A speeding ticket may be a noncriminal infraction in Florida, but it is no laughing matter; in some situations, speeding can have consequences similar to a criminal case in terms of hefty fines and losing your license. Speeding is a moving violation that carries points on your license. Contrary to popular belief, your driving record does not “erase” your points after a certain amount of time. This means that convictions for speeding and similar infractions can haunt you for life. In light of the potential legal and personal consequences of speeding, it is important to learn more about this offense.

What you need to know about speeding tickets in Palm Beach

You may have fallen into a “speed trap” (a location on the road that dramatically changes speed limits unsuspectingly); or, you consciously sped because you were going late. Perhaps you were not speeding at all, and you were wrongfully accused. Regardless of the reason for getting a speeding ticket, you have to protect your rights.

If you are pulled over for speeding, do not argue with the law enforcement officer, and do not make any statements. Similar to a criminal case, any statement you make can be used against you in court. If issued a ticket, accept the citation (failure to do so can escalate to the criminal charge of Refusal to Accept Summons), and contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney. DON’T PAY THE TICKET WITHOUT REVIEWING YOUR OPTIONS WITH A PROFESSIONAL. Payment of your speeding ticket counts as an automatic plea of guilty and points on your license. In most situations, the best option is to plead “not guilty” and challenge your ticket in court.

Why should you hire a speeding ticket attorney in Lake Worth?

A speeding ticket attorney is a traffic attorney experienced in handling infractions. Experience is critical in your speeding ticket case because it may increase your chances of a dismissal and/or avoidance of points on your record. A great speeding ticket lawyer will advise you of your options, take your ticket to court, raise any legal and procedural issues, scrutinize the allegations, negotiate with law enforcement, communicate with the magistrate, and conduct an infraction trial if needed. By hiring a traffic attorney in Lake Worth or Wellington, you can also avoid the stress of going to court and missing work; the attorney can waive your presence and appear on your behalf.

How can an attorney help with speeding tickets?

A traffic ticket or speeding ticket attorney has particularized knowledge and experience about the Florida Rules of Traffic Court, the traffic laws in the Florida Statutes, the traffic hearing officers and judges, the police officers, and other useful legal and practical information. Knowledge and experience are huge advantages for your speeding case.

A traffic lawyer will review your ticket closely for possible motions to dismiss based on a faulty or incomplete citation. Your lawyer may be able to throw out the case at the first hearing, typically called Pre-Trial. A dismissal means no points, no fines, no school, and no taint on your driving record. If your case goes to Final Hearing, your lawyer can discuss your case with the citing officer, perhaps discovering that the officer does not recall the events, cannot identify you, or is at least willing to amend your ticket to a lower speed and recommend no points. Short of a dismissal, another excellent result on your traffic case is an adjudication withheld – meaning no points and no conviction. The most important goal of a traffic ticket attorney is to avoid points to reduce the chance of collateral problems such as suspension of your driver’s license or the increase of insurance rates.

A great speeding ticket lawyer also knows the science behind laser and radar speed detection, the requirements for pace clock citations, and whether visual estimation of speed is sufficient to issue a ticket. At a final hearing, your traffic ticket attorney should ask the law enforcement officer for the required documentation, including certifications, inspection reports, calibration information, and any other documents relevant to the speed measuring device. The traffic attorney can inspect the documents for any issues with the radar, laser, or police car speedometer. If the attorney finds issues in the documentation, she can use this to undermine the officer’s case. As with a criminal case, the government has the burden of proving your guilt of the infraction beyond a reasonable doubt. Insufficiencies or discrepancies in the speed measuring device or the officer’s account of events could prevent law enforcement from meeting their burden of proof.

What you should do if you get charged with a speeding ticket in Palm Beach County

If you get a ticket for speeding in Palm Beach County, contact an experienced traffic ticket lawyer immediately. You have thirty (30) days from the date of the citation to either pay your ticket or elect court. Electing court is almost always the right decision; even though you or your lawyer may resolve your case at a later date, by initially pleading “not guilty” you have the chance to explore your options, prepare a defense, review the citation for errors, and request either a dismissal or no points. A traffic attorney will help you navigate your case toward a desirable outcome.

Hire your speeding ticket attorney with enough time to avoid a D6 suspension of your license. After the 30-day mark with no response to the court, the clerk’s office reports your failure to act to the DMV and requests a suspension of your driver’s license. If you are close to 30 days, you risk missing the deadline if it falls on a weekend or a holiday, when the courts are closed. You may also force the attorney to rush in preparing the proper documentation. To ensure a smooth start to your case, don’t delay the hiring process.

If you have inadvertently passed 30 days without acting on your citation, it is more critical than ever to hire a traffic ticket attorney as soon as possible. At that stage, an attorney will have to act quickly to avoid your case being sent to “collections” or, in some instances, “a trial in absentia” (where the officer gets to litigate your case and make sentencing recommendations without you present). You will have to reinitiate your case by paying a D6 suspension fee; after the fee is paid, your suspension should be cleared with the DMV. You can then request a court date and litigate your case.

Florida speeding ticket attorney FAQs

How much does a speeding ticket lawyer cost in Florida?

The price of a speeding ticket lawyer depends on the alleged speed, your traffic record, the level of expertise of the attorney, and other circumstances surrounding your case. For a specific price quote on your speeding case, contact our law firm to set up a consultation.

How do I choose a speeding ticket lawyer?

You should do your research before selecting an attorney to fight your speeding case. Check out reviews on Google, ask for recommendations, and learn about your firm of interest. You should make sure the lawyer or law firm you choose focuses on traffic defense. You may also want to consider geographical location; a local lawyer is more likely to personally attend hearings rather than secure an unknown coverage attorney to handle your case. Aside from knowledge and experience, you may consider whether you simply feel comfortable with a specific attorney or law firm; perhaps one firm stands out for their attentiveness, continued case updates, and overall customer service.

How long do points stay on your license in Florida?

Contrary to popular myth, points remain on your license for a lifetime. However, if your points are spread out over time, the likelihood of a suspended license is lower. The greatest concern for Florida drivers should be avoiding the accumulation of points over a short period of time, such as 12 or 24 months. Still, all of your previous points can be considered in court when determining sentencing for a new case. The more points and convictions you have, the greater chance of a judge assessing points again.

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